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"Science Fair played a key role in fostering the attitudes toward science and the focus to formulate a research project and carry it to completion…the metals were only a small part of the joy of science fair"

Dr. Bernard B. Beard, ARES Corporation
"As an undergrad majoring in neuroscience I was years ahead of my classmates because of my participation in science fair…my enthusiasm for science was fueled by my early science fair experiences"
Dr. Gul Dolen, Stanford University
"My participation in the science fair constituted a key element of my early education in science and contributed to my success as a scientist."
Dr. Charles V. Mobbs, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
"Critical thinking, scientific method, and work skills…life-changing opportunities and experiences I've learned will help me for years to come."
Jordan Zesch, Keystone School
"I have learned to be thorough in my thinking and in my writing…ARASE has given me that opportunity"
Chance Ruder, Keystone School, Wildlife Ambassador
"I appreciate that science fair gave me the opportunity to develop my ideas…and go from an idea to a winning project and a winning presentation"
Christopher Mittal, Texas A&M University, Kingville
"The skills and experience gained in doing a science project better prepared me not only for college, but showcasing myself to employers and interviewers for organizations that I have joined"
Jennifer Rumpf, Texas A&M University, College Station
"My love for science began with the opportunity to present my findings to adults and other peers in a professional setting"
Megan Abbott, Texas Military Institute
"I am glad that the Alamo Regional Science Fair has given me the opportunity to participate in multiple international fairs…all of these things would not have been possible if it were not for science fair"
Travis Howk, Keystone School