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Your tax-deductible donation will provide the Alamo Regional Academy of Science & Engineering (ARASE) the support to continue making advance academic opportunities for students and to encourage education through scientific research. A.R.A.S.E. is a 501(c) (3) designation.

Various sponsorship levels provide opportunities for individuals, organizations, or companies to increase their visibility, make a difference in the future of our youth, and contribute to the quality of events.

Unrestricted Gifts provide income that A.R.A.S.E. can use toward areas of greatest need or opportunity.
Restricted Gifts support a specific A.R.A.S.E. need.
Endowed Gifts are held in perpetuity. A named endowment created through the establishment of a permanent fund is professionally invested and managed. A.R.A.S.E. invests the initial gift and uses only a portion of the average annual investment return. The remaining income is added to the principal. Benefactors who make an endowment gift may be confident that it will continue to support its intended purpose in the future.

To learn more, please contact A.R.A.S.E.

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An invaluable tool for generating interest for your Business, College, or University

Serving educational markets in 32 counties in and around Bexar county.

To learn more, please contact the ARASE AD Dept.

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102 Windsor Drive
San Antonio, TX 78228-3163
Phone: (210) 487-9510

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Unsure whether to invest? Ask yourself this: "If you were to spend $350 on a 5" x 8" ad in the 2017 Awards Program, how many new customers/students would you need to sell/enroll to make that a worthwhile investment for you?"